Rainy Night Retroreflectometer For Road Markings

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Open Light Source On Rainy Night Retroreflectometer For Road Markings
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The reticle retroreflection measuring instrument is a portable field measuring instrument with an open optical path, which is used to measure the retroreflection brightness coefficient of the reticle. Unit: mcd·m-2·lx-1.
The main characteristics of its research are: simulating a motor vehicle driving on the road at night, the headlights illuminated on the road (made of retro-reflective material) markings, after reflection, the brightness observed by the driver in the cab, The parameter measured is the nighttime retroreflection luminance coefficient, or RL value. This instrument can measure the reticle and oscillating reticle retroreflection luminance coefficient under three conditions: dry R_L, wet R_(L_wet) and continuous rainfall R_(L_rain). This instrument complies with the following standards: GB/T 26377-2010 "Retroreflection Measuring Instrument", GB/T16311-2009 "Quality Requirements and Testing Methods for Road Traffic Markings", JJG(Traffic) 059-2004 "Retroreflective Measuring Instrument Verification Regulations" ", support JTGF80-1-2017 "Highway Engineering Quality Inspection and Evaluation Standard", DB36/T978-2017 "Rainy Night Road Traffic Reflective Line Quality Requirements and Testing Methods", DB51/T2429-2017 "Rainy Night Highway Traffic Reflective Line Quality Requirements" and testing methods" and other standard requirements.
Technical Data:

Main Functional Characteristics

Measurement items: Retroreflectivecoefficient ( mcd.m-2.lx-1 )
Measurement range: 0~4000
Observation angle: 1.05°
Angle of incidence: 88.76°, Complementary angle is 1.24°
Light source color temperature: 2856±50K
Measuring aperture area: 200mm x 95mm
Error of repeatable measurement: 2%
Continuous working time of battery: >30h
Data storage space: 8GB
Built-in battery capacity: 12V, 5.2Ah
Charger: DC 15V
Working temperature & humidity: -15℃~+60℃, <98%, no frost
Size: 360mm x 135mm x 125mm


Main Functional Characteristics: ● Open optical path, no external light interference during measurement
● Support measurement under dry, wet and continuous rainfall conditions; ● One-key switch oscillation mark detection mode; ● Fast measurement (measurement of retroreflection brightness coefficient value within 1.5 seconds); ● Simple calibration procedure; ceramic calibration block; ● 5-inch sunlight bright screen, the operation interface can be seen clearly under the light; ● Support to store more than 100,000 pieces of detection data information, including measurement data, operator, road section information and detection time, etc.; ● USB data interface, the test report is exported to the computer in the form of a database; ● Real-time voice broadcast of measurement data; ● Bluetooth printer prints out the test results on site; Professional and intelligent manufacturing of traffic safety testing equipment ● Real-time sampling, real-time display of storage site temperature and humidity; ● One-click switch to English operating system; ● High-end instrument trolley case, easy to carry.

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