Multi-section Fish Multi-segment Artificial Lures Available Long-range Sea Bass

Selling Points                                                          1.Fishing Method: General Fishing 2.Lure Type: Hard Bait 3.Lure Action: Sinking - Sinking lures are precise, you can know exactly where the lure is and fish it at the right level. Sinking lures work the best in windy and rough water conditions Sinking lures are versatile, they can be used at the top of the water column as well as the bottom

Products Details

Product name: HS014 Name of unit Size of 13.28cm Weight is about 19g Product features: high simulation spray paint, swimming lifelike.Slow-settling fish body can attack each water layer, swimming elegant and flexible! 1. There is a steel ball with center of gravity transfer inside the body, which can move to the tail when throwing to improve the throwing distance.Stable and smooth air posture, not easy to spin for throwing. 2. It can reflect foreign light from all angles and has the effect of attracting fish by light, which is suitable for different water conditions. 3. There are several small steel balls in the body, which will make a sound when dragging and attract the attention of the fish. Made of ABS plastic material, strong and strong, anti-knock, the internal steel ball has been tested by precision instruments to ensure the swimming posture of each bait. Operation method: For the fish with low flexibility or hidden around the obstacles, the water depth is 30-50cm. At this time, the temptation of small amplitude operation is strong. There are two methods of operation.The second is the flutter rod: flutter the rod gently at irregular intervals to move Luya through the water. Draw bait method: compared with pull bait method, draw bait method in the drawing rod range is larger, the force is stronger, the moving distance is larger, the moving speed is faster, and the strength is properly mastered.Do not give the fish a chance to breathe, so that they reflexively immediately bite the bait, with a very good temptation. It should be noted that the fierce baiting can make Luya swim to a good effect, even if the fish hiding in 3 to 3.5 meters of covered water grass or rock roots, will be tempted to bite.

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