Heavy Sinking Minnow Lure Hard Bait Beach Walker Bass Fishing Lure

Selling Points   1.Category: Minnow 2.Fishing Method: Sea Fishing Lure Fishing Bass Fishing Freshwater Fishing Spinning Bait Casting 3.Lure Type: Lure Packs Minnow - Minnow lures look like fish and they are run through the water where they can move in different ways because of instability due to the bib at the front under the head. Hard Bait 4.Lure Action: Sinking - Sinking lures are precise, you can know exactly where the lure is and fish it at the right level. Sinking lures work the best in windy and rough water conditions Sinking lures are versatile, they can be used at the top of the water column as well as the bottom, Floating - Move about the surface of water in order to attract and cause fish to attempt to strike the lure.

Products Details

1.Dazzle light Easy handling, strong throw, steady posture in the water 2.Banana lip tongue plate Additional strong swimming force, so that the bait body more stable swing in the water layer, swimming more attractive 3.Sharp blood slot hook Fish tail sharp blood trough hook, strong puncture, once hooked is not easy to decouple 4.Streamlined design Pencil shape fluid design, less resistance in water, better posture 5.Bionic taste is important. ' The upper jaws of many fish are so sensitive that when they come into contact with their prey, they let go as soon as the perception doesn't match 6.Multi-color painting Tempting full three-dimensional coating Good luring effect Can reflect foreign light from all angles for different water conditions, body high brightness spray paint effect, three-dimensional spray, better temptation fish attack  

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